Welcome to the New England Region of the Viper Owners Association

Welcome to the New England Region of the Viper Owners Association! Our club is run by Viper enthusiasts for Viper enthusiasts with lots of events catered to getting the most enjoyment out of our 10-cylinder factory race cars.

Please feel free to peruse the pages of our Web site. Check out our Calendar of Events, thumb through our gallery of photos from previous events, take advantage of the forums and classifieds, and keep an eye out for updates to our club news. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, the club officers are always willing to listen and make new friends.

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December 6th 2014 - Annual Christmas Party
DEADLINE for RSVP is: Nov 21st

Every year I look forward to the last event of the year with a bit of regret that I can no longer drive my car. What helps me get over my doldrums is spending time visiting with my Viper friends and family. So please, for me, join us all for another great event in Nashua on Dec 6th.

Need another reason to join us? Well I have a few.

1. Welcome in your new leadership for the next two years!


3. Yea, dancing... We have a live band for your full night of entertainment

4. Not least on my list is the awards presentation

5. Bring more friends and family with you

I have more, but that should do it. After all some things should be a surprise.

Did you catch that last one? New this year, we are inviting more people to share the party with us. You can bring with you more guest than just one. (The discounted rate is for members and 1 guest)


Members (2): $35pp
Guest: $45pp

Now that you’ve read all that, mark your calendar for one crazy night of fun with your Viper friends and family.

DEADLINE for RSVP is: Nov 21st

October 5th 2014 - Fall Foliage Cruise Weekend
The leaves are turning color so it must be time for our annual Fall Foliage Cruise. This is the last event before the annual Christmas party in Dec. Lets make this a big one!

For those of you in the south, the color this year is coming in bright making for some great photos.

Of course we will stop for lunch, and maybe ice cream if its still warm out by then.

More details to follow via evite: Bring your cameras people.